September 26, 2005

Con arts in Taiwan

Here I would like to tell you Julie's story. She used to be one of my students and has a wonderful family and life. Just months ago before she emigrated to the U.S., she received a phone call from someone who pretended to be from a credit card company. She was told by the swindler on the phone that her credit card account has been stolen and someone had used it to made several purchases. She needed to call the number provided by the "bank" to the police authority in order not to get in more trouble. She felt so scared and immediately dialed the number....

I guess most of you must have known the outcome of this true story. Julie eventually lost a big fortune because she was totally taken in by the swindler's old hat. She was talked into transferring her money in the bank to a so-called "saver account" which actually belonged to that confidence man.

In recent years, there have been cases of fraud and deception happening over and over again on this island. There are always people taking the bait prepared by the criminal syndicates. In any case, we should be more on guard ourselves and suspicious about these telephone scams. Once you got swindled sum of money out of your bank account, you will be a goner.

Don't get suckered in, please.

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