January 06, 2005

A Toastmaster's weekly meeting minute--by Bruce Lin

The following article is one of Bruce's work done for his club. Please enjoy reading it.

We had our usual hot time in our meeting, and the heat stayed on until almost 11 o’clock because we went to have a tiny “after-meeting meal.” Members were laughing, teasing, eating…I thought to myself, “This is good.”

Heavyweight Bill did not show up. Probably he just had a new “target” somewhere and we were temporarily abandoned. Hope this time he scores. Just don’t forget to come back. The meeting was progressing with its own tempo. Timer didn’t seem to matter; overtime or not, all qualified. Jack was Toastmaster of the evening and he was in control, kind of suave and very well-rounded. Oozing confidence, Annie was also in charge of her joke session well. It’s amazing how in two years a person can turn so different. Jo was also in charge…er…of her notes quite well. She gave us training on impromptu speech while keeping looking at her notes. Very encouraging.

Celine delivered a good speech on marriage. However, she always makes me feel that she purposely underperforms, as if God would punish her if she is too outstanding. She brought a notebook computer along on stage which she didn’t quite need; she could have smoothened her speech if she could just spend 5 minutes in advance thinking “How should I present myself?” While being true to god, it is not a bad idea to be true to ourselves.

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