Quotation of the Day

January 10, 2005

Something about privacy.

After moving back to Taiwan, I have found there are many cultural differences between American and Taiwanese. One thing impresses me the most is that people respect one another in a distinctive way. In Taiwan, people like to know how much their friends get paid. I guess they just like to know who is the most capable person in making money.
Sometimes, when I am in the middle of a talk with people at work, I can be easily interrupted by the third person who butts in our conversation without any notification. Whereas in the US, people usually ask for permission before interrupting other group's talk. An easy way to say words for interruption is, " May I interrupt?", "Sorry for the interruption, but I really need to talk to you for a second.", "May I have a minute of you?". Doing so makes people feel a little comfortable when being interrupted.

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