January 14, 2005

How to improve one's English ability?

I have been asked countless times about how to improve our English proficiency. Basically, I can't say my English is the best among others, and that is for sure. Frankly speaking, I am a learner too. However, there is a saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." I believe that the best and most effective way to learn English better is to train yourself and practice it more. Unfortunately, our environment for learning English revolves around the "test" at all time. Without face-to-face practice, according to some experts, the exam-based learning will be in vain. So, you should ask yourself when to start learning it the right way before you are over the hill. The sooner you are on the right track, the better outcome you will obtain.
Put your best foot forward now.

I can't say...= I don't think 我不認為
revolve around someone/ something 以...為中心
in vain= to no avail 沒有用
over the hill 不再年輕
Put one's best foot forward 加快腳步, 表現最好的一面

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