January 03, 2005

Happy 2005!!


  1. I also saw the beautiful view of 101's exploding. It was too cold to go out for counting down. So, I saw it from my window of the room. At that night, I felt lazy and tired, so I missed the English class. Say sorry to teacher Albert. Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone.

  2. Hi, Eleanore
    I am so glad that I am not alone for watching the fireworks out in the cold. At least someone like you would spend time on that.

  3. New year day. The weather was very cold and desiccated.
    I saw a movie with my sister. The movie ticket is free.
    because, my sister treat. The movie is very boring.
    I was disappointed.

  4. I see Leo,
    It sure was a clod and dry weather on New Year day.
    You did not pay for the movie tickets because it was on your sister's treat. What moive did you go to? Why was it boring? It must not be "Kung Fu Hustle" you watched, because most of the movie goers gave it two thumbs-up.

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  6. It is not Kung Fu Hustle.I think Kung Fu Hustle is very funny. but, I don't like Chinese movie.
    The boring movie is "Ocean's Twelve".

  7. I have no idea about that movie. What is it about?