January 17, 2005

I gave him the...

I was planning on a trip to Muzha today to check out the tea farmlands. By the way, we also wanted to go hiking in the mountains of Maokong. Just right before we entered the south-bound lane of Highway 3, a traffic light turned red indicating we needed to make a full stop before we merged into the highway. All of sudden, a series of a horn-honking sound came from behind. I looked at the mirror. An asshole pushed us to get going while I was waiting for the light to turn green. This really pissed me off. After the light went green, this guy tried to put the gas and pass me by. I pulled down the driver-side windshield, and gave him the finger. Bad driver always deserves this.

south-bound lane 南向車道
horn-honking sound 按喇叭聲
driver-side windshield 駕駛座車窗
give someone the finger 給某人一個中指


  1. I think your responding to him is not good. A few months ago, one of my colleagues met a terrible incident. He argued with a group of young men about overtaking a car and horn-honking. As a result, his left palm of his hand was cut by them. Now he is still cured in the hospital. Although everybody should has sense of justice, some rude young men don't think so. They do anything they like without thinking about the final result. If I met the same incident, I would have pretended to ignore it. Maybe I will be angry very much. The only way to solve the problen is education. The rude guys must be retrained to correct their behavior. This is also what we teach our children.

  2. Being cautious is the first rule living in the metro like Taipei.

  3. Thanks for your consideration. I will be much careful for those bad drivers. It is sometimes hard to control one's temper to deal with some jerks on the road.