January 10, 2005

Have you ever got locked out?

When I was in the college many years ago, I always hung out with my friends till very late. My parents were very angry with me as they seemed not to be able to tolerate this anymore. They even warned me one day if I didn't come home early, I would be locked out of the door and no one was going to open it for it. What I did was just turning a blind eye to them. One day they really locked me out, so I couldn't get in my home. It was too late at midnight to call for a locksmith to pick the lock. Consequently, I returned to my friend's home getting nowhere to go. This was just one of the craziest things I had ever done when I was young.

We need you to share your story about being locked out. Please post your article as soon as possible. Perfect time for practicing writing now.

lock out 反鎖在外
pick the lock 開鎖
turn a blind eye to someone/something 對...不理不採

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