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January 02, 2005

The New Year countdown was damn cool.

When I asked people if they would like to join some new year countdown stuff, they usually said that they wouldn't be that stupid to do it especially in such a cold weather. Well, I think they really have missed a wonderful time.

On the contrary, I went to the Taipei City Hall last night and I just couldn't believe there were so many people out there waiting for the countdown. I was thrilled in toto when watching such a huge crowd over there in my life.

There was a stage set right in front of the City Hall, where some singers, including Mayor Ma, were singing their songs. It seemed impossible to come any closer to the stage because in front of it was the wide-ranging space flooded with tens of thousands of people left and right watching this live performance. When it came down to the last 15 seconds before the year of 2005, every one went so high and couldn't help but counted the number all together.

What's more exciting was the firecrackers were also being put on on the top of Taipei 101. Oohs and ahhs were exploding everywhere at the same time.

I definitely will go there again for the next new year countdown.

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