Quotation of the Day

January 13, 2005

Come to think of it...

Gee, it has been the rainy day since last week. People used to call Keelung the "Rain Harbor", but I think the city in which I am living doesn't make Keelung alone. I just can't see why the weather between here and Taipei varies so much though they are just a jump from each other.
Come to think of it, I really doubt it if I have to settle down here forever. Maybe a dryer place fits me better.

be a jump from some place 數步之遙
come to think of it 經這麼一提...


  1. It is uncomfortable to live in too humid place. Damp also influence our health, especially kids. If I were you, I would have thought about it seriously. I have allergic rhinitis. I'm sensitive to dirt, damp, and other allergens. Finding a suitable place to live in is important to me. This is my suggestion, and it is also my experience.

  2. How can we find a dryer place in Taipei? I think most of the cities in Taipei metro are pretty in the same condition. Only if you can move to other places like Taoyuan or Xinzhu. For the elderly, Taipie isn't an ideal place to live with. Taizhong probably suits them better.