October 08, 2005

Weekly Update

Please go to my personal Web site for new sentences and phrases I have made for you.

There is something else to keep you posted of me. First I would have to say sorry to all my students at XinZhu Y.M. school. You should have been surprised by my absence from the class last week. My contract with the school was due so that it is why you have not seen me in front the class since then. My original idea was to stay a bit longer until they found a new teacher for me. Since they are so efficient to find a new one that I didn't even have a chance to say good bye to you all. What a regret and mixed feeling I got. But it's ok, I am still here. If you have any thing to let me know, please tell without any hesitation. I will miss you guys all.

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  1. AOL buys into blogging
    America Online has agreed to acquire Weblogs Inc , a network of product and trade oriented blogs including the popular gadget blog Engadget and the automotive Autoblog.
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  2. Rumor: Sold To Verisign
    Latest rumor, as reported on Jason Kottke's site: sold to Verisign? Note: this is different than, which WAS sold to AOL yesterday.
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