Quotation of the Day

October 24, 2005

Sayonara, my friends.

I eventually finished off the last class of mine at Xinzhu G.V.; that is, all my English classes have come to an end since last Saturday.

In the last class, I was so glad to see frineds of mine mostly sacrifice their weekend to join in the last chance and came to my class. Album came to see me though he was so tied up in his work. And, Roger, thanks for your attendance. It has only been few times since I saw you take my class. But, you seem never to skip any ones till the last hour. Stanley, you are always the first one to show up in the class and I appreciate that so much for your presence. I hope to see you take more responsibility in your career. Jessie, you are such a great mom. Surly all the effort you have made to your daughter will be worthwhile someday.

Despite the fact that some friends did not come the the class, I will still miss you all forever. Annie, Miss Chang, Alice, Jone, Tina, Julia, Mark, and others who I can't know well your name by heart, please drop me a line sometimes when you think of me.

Sayonara, G.V. and Xinzhu.

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