October 26, 2005

For Sue

Hey Sue,

Actually I made this name up for you since you've never used an English name. I see eye to eye with you on the issue whether we should get ourselves an Englsih name or not. Back in my education in the States, I had always asked people to call me L.C. instead of Albert. I can more-or-lass relate to your mindset.

Today in our class, you told us about your line of work, which really surprised us a bit as we found out you were a vet, a medical doctor for animals.You are nontheless not alone: prior to your attendance to my class, I had met another student of mine who was a pediatrician. I still got her business card and can take my kid to her clinic for a check up anytime. As for you, I don't have any pets actually. But if I did, I would definitely make it be your next patron in line. How does that sound?

Being a teacher or a doctor is respected more often than not by the average people. I have been used to it, so I hope you wouldn't mind us asking you something about your specialty, wouldn't you? It is very nice to see you and David in my class on a regulat basis. Looking forward to talking to you next time.


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