October 01, 2005

[extensionreading] Poem Reading #5

Dear all,

The purpose of this pronunciation course is not just about pronunciation. I hoped to use pronunciation as a start, and then you can explore whatever there is before you in the future.

I've always believed that people basically like to learn, and I am proven right again. Our senses are supposed to be stimulated, and learning is very stimulating as you should know it by now. Six weeks into the pronunciation course, I've seen you grow and grow and grow…then, how big will you grow? There should be no limit; there should be no end.

In the first few weeks of our poem readings, students tended to focus on pronouncing words correctly. Now, you are loading your voices with meanings, sentiment, mood, life…as if telling stories with the natural flow of your voices. There are too many good things in this world, including listening to people reading poems.

- Yi Ping (AKA Libby)

Yi Ping is smart enough to be slow enough as she knows it is a session for an interpretation rather than a race. Her voice comes out effortless with loads of emotion.

- Ru Yao

Ru Yao knows “A Dream within a Dream” is not a happy poem – and she was virtually sighing the poem. She is comfortable and her voice is sweet. She also knows how to express the despair Alan Poe sought to express two hundred years ago.

- Hsian Chi

Hsian chi's voice is clear enough; it would be better if louder. Her pace is somewhat fast. Good intonation.

- Alicia

She looks confident. She is whispering her way through the poem but her voice travels far. Her reading speed is slow enough to lead us into Alan Poe's underworld.


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