October 10, 2005

For Leo

I just got off the Messenger with Leo, one student of mine who has been taking my class for a long while. The first time I met with him was in my Starter class in Xindain G.V. where he just got his English lessons started. He looked very confused when I asked him the first question in English. Since then, I happened to realized why he wished to brush up on his rusted English.

Getting aquainted with me, he once told me that at times he dreamed about being a tour guide after graduating from the junior college. He would have to fulfill that dream by improving his language proficiency. Just couple months ago, he failed the entrance exam of technological unversity although the score he got could guarantee him to be accepted into some colleges in a different major. That's not what he wanted, he said. He insisted on majoring only in the field that he liked. Therefore, he would rather give up on going to the university than waste his time there. I really admire him for the nerve he has. If I were him, I would probably do it differently. I might choose to enter a school first and then look for the chance to transfer to other majors a year after. Anyway, he told me that he was concerned about joining the army before planning things to do for the future. That is also right, however. In Taiwan it is a matter of time for a young man to be drafted into the army. So, I am behind him for that matter.

You will be leaving us for the army this 25th. Good luck bro.


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  3. Hope Leo has a good-physic after he finishs the obligation.

  4. I hope he quit smoking some day.