October 03, 2005

Internet and our life

Using on line resources has been part of our life, people are able to do many different things through Internet. Working on a school term paper used to be a tough job. With the abundant information which can be browsed and obtained via Internet, students can just type in keywords on Yahoo, and then get to any Web page found on the search result. Eventually a term paper can be easily done in a snap.

People in the past would never imagine that they could make friends on Internet. But now it has become true. A female friend of mine married one guy she met on Internet, which surprised me a lot. But I think such case will become on the increase and more normal. I learned that usually when two people meet on a chat room, anonymity give each one a chance to express their emotions more readily in the real life. That is to say, you would tell him/ her something you will never let on about in your real life. It's easier for some people to confess to another person since they don't see each other.

But still, there are lot of liars and perverts out there on the Web. Don't let those suckers charm the pant off of you, because they just want to swindle you out of your money or something.

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