October 31, 2005

All about respecting

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Having seen so many things going around in our society recently, I just think that peole living on this island should pay more respect to others, or we won't be able to live in peace. The political chaos conducted by the politicians has set the worst example for us. That's how I have felt since I moved back here few years ago. Whenever we turn on TV, we at all times see nagative news such as the sexual scandals and politician's corruptions out of the celebrities, which have been revealed and reported over and over on the screen. It is conceivably due to the the reason that a lack of concern for conventional morality which becomes the key to the problem. I think we all have been fed up with it; therefore, it is about time people like you and me should do something about it.

Why not try to say hello to those who have different political standpoints from you? When someone you don't like gets in trouble, you should try your best to help, thinking of no reward from them. Don't just turn your deaf ear to others when they need help. Although it is easier said than done, we still have to give it shot from now on.

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