February 28, 2005

What an evening!

7:10 p.m. Xi Zhi city.


"Is this Albert?"
"Yah? Who is this?"
"This is xxx with DM language school. Where are you now?"
"I am driving."
"Driving? You are supposed to be teaching now! You didn't know that?"
"What!! Teaching? What do you mean by that? Today is a national holiday, isn't it?"
"But we are still open today. I believe you must have been informed of that beforehand. Right?"

"You did have inf...? My God. Why the hell didn't I know about it?"
"Can you make it here now?"
"I can. But at least I won't be there until 8. Can students wait for me?"
"hmm... How about that Albert. I have to call Mr. xxx right now to check with him. He makes the call anyway."
"All right, please let me know what to do. Bye."

Ten minutes later. I was rushing off to the train station.

"Yes? What's up now?"
"I have talked to him on the phone. And he said it would be ok to cancel tonight's class "
"What about the students? How was their reaction?"
"There are about 4 in the classroom. They've all settled for our idea and will all be leaving."
"But I think I can still make it by 8 o'clock. So the class can continue then..."
"That's ok, Albert. We have announced our decision. You don't have to come over at this point"

"...All right, but I am really sorry about this mix-up."
"We feel sorry too. I'll talk to you later, Albert. Bye."

7:25 p.m. A train to Taipei just left the platform.
I set foot there, wiping the sweat off my forehead.
On my way home, I tried to figure it out why they insisted on opening the school that day.
And this accident just remind me of some thing I once taught in class, the "conditional sentence".

If I had known that the class would be open tonight, I wouldn't have missed the chance making the money.


be supposed to 應該
inform of 提醒
beforehand 事先
someone makes the call 某人決定怎麼做
rush off 趕去
wipe off 擦拭
conditional sentence 狀況句, 假設語氣


  1. I remebered globe village had posted an announcement "2/28 is holiday" and it won't be opened! Why did they call you and ask you back? Very strange?

  2. It was not GV. GV is always close on 228.