Quotation of the Day

February 23, 2005

Thanks Leo.

I handed my old man the local specialty of Hualian-- the rice wine from you, and he seemed enjoying it pretty much. So, I owe you one now, and let's find time to hit a restaurant for a meal. That'll be my turn.
Ordering some side dishes is best thing to do when I am starving. While I don't have the taste for pig's livers, if you order it please knock yourself out.

old man 老爸
local specialty 特產
owe someone one 欠某人一次
find time to V 找時間做...
be one's turn 輪到某人
side dishes 小菜
be starving 飢餓
have a taste for something 對...有品味
knock oneself out 自己享受

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