Quotation of the Day

February 28, 2005

We've found some! But what? Only half a bucket costs for 300 NT dollars? That's a steep and we felt like being ripped off. The owner said the charge for the strawberries had inluded the admission to the garden. If I had known that, I would rather buy some directly from them. That should be much cheaper.

bucket 籃
a steep 貴的東西
rip off 詐騙, 剝削
admission 入場(指門票或費用)


  1. Strawberry is my son's favorite food. I tried to take him to experience the joy of plucking strawberry. But, he is so naughty that I have no courage to travel other country in Taiwan. Maybe next year I will take him to experience different life.

  2. He will love it if you can take him to Dahu some time. Be aware that the price of the strawberries among different gardens may vary. Always shop around before picking them.

  3. The price of fruit is high these days,because the bees strked for work due to the low temperature.

  4. It is without saying that being a farmer they always have lots of hard work to do. What happened was that when I entered the MRT station in Taipei one day, I found some vendor selling strawberries which they claimed "Picked from Dahu". How come the price was so cheap. It was only 1/3 of the price of the ones I bought in Dahu? I don't get it.

  5. HA! I also went to DA-Hu for plucking strawberries together with my elder brogher's families during Chinese Year. When we reached strawberry farm, we found the price of strawberry was almost NTD180/KG in every farm. VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!!!! I thought it should be all farmer made common negotiation. If I bought it in night market, I only paid NTD60./BOX (close 0.5kg). So my brother's wife and me both have cleaned down srawberries when we plucked. Then, we ate the most so that reduced our cost!