Quotation of the Day

February 02, 2005

Has your style been cramped?

After getting the year-end bonus, lots of people made up their mind to have a different job. They are quitting their jobs because they don't want their workplace to cramp their style. Such phenomenon can be easily found among the young office workers. As far as the older employees are concerned, they prefer to stay put until something better comes along.

year-end bonus 年終獎金
make up ones mind to V 下定決心去...
cramp one's style 限制..的才華
stay put 按兵不動
come along 出現


  1. Usually older employees don't leave their job because they have some retirement. Once you stay original company, boss have to provide basical retirement. So you work more, you will have more retirement. As long as older employees quit, they won't get any.

    However, young man don't care. Why? Becuase they only work one year even if fewer, company won't give any retirement into their account. So young people usually quit once they find higher salary.

  2. Pension Plan 退休金
    He obtained a good pension plan after retirement.

  3. i think,salary isn't to leave company only reason.for example,it's achievement feel at work.and to plan oneself sometime have some system isn't unlovely.the big reason i feel in the company.otherwise,good company can't keep nice person.

  4. It sounds like people have different reasons to leave thier company. But Johnthan, what do you mean by "a good company can't keep nice person."? I am alittle confused.