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April 04, 2006

Apology, apology, apology

Hello folks,

I really got nothing to tell you except for the apology for not having posted any articles here in such a long while. The thing is, my schedule is really filled to capacity. I realize I may be losing my loyal readers if I don't make an immediate announcement now to you.

Speaking of the progress delay, Amber, a good freind of mine who used to take my class in Xindian GV, called me the other day asking why she hadn't seen anything new on my blog. I felt so sorry about that. Since I had to take care of lots of personal stuff, I've barely had no time to drop a line here. I feel like buring the candles on both ends.

Don't worry yet! I am still in good shape as I was. I just sometimes couldn't believe that time really flies, does it? Catch you later my friends. I promise I will never forget you all. Best wishes.

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