March 28, 2006

When dreams come true...

A very long while ago, my friend Scott passed on a Music CD to me. I could still remember what it looks like- a smaller size compact disc which comes with a special name, EP. I am not sure why people name it EP, but perhaps it is because of its 8 centimeters size that allows only one song to be included in it. Just a rough guess, though.

The single-song EP is featured by a renown Japanese music group "Dreams come true". I used to listen to some Japanese music before, but the song "Eyes to me" in this CD really touches my heart. Its melody is played in such a beautiful manner that you don't need to worry whether you understand its Japanese lyrics. In any case, it just don't stop me from appreciating this song. The female singer of this song definitely has a rhythm which makes me get into the spirit of it, making it a warm breeze blowing tenderly on my face.

Whenever I listened to this song, there always seemed to be a wonderful dream coming up in my mind. I kept this CD for a very long while until one day Scott asked me to give it back. Ahem! I wish I had got a CD burner then, so I would have made a copy of the CD. Does anyone here still keeps this song? Please let me know.

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