April 18, 2006

A trip to Dongyan Mountain

In the middle of April, my family and I took a hike in DongYan mountain in Tao Yuan county. It took us about an hour and half to get there by car. Travelers may run into congested traffic condition on their way there during the weekend rush. If you drive down from Taipei, you may consider taking the province road #7 starting from Sanxia so you can avoid the probable traffic jam in CiHu by taking #4. The admission to the recreatoin park is 100 NTDs per adult plus an extra 100 NTDs for parking inside. You may pull your car somewhere outside the entrance to save some money on that.

take a hike 健行
DongYan mountain 東眼山
congested 擁塞的
weekend rush 週末車潮
consider 考慮
province road 省道
Sanxia 三峽
avoid 避免
probable 可能的
jam 擁擠
CiHu 慈湖
admission 入場費
per adult 每一個成人
plus 加上
extra 額外的
pull 停(車)
entrance 入口

You will get a map when you enter the park (for inside car parking only). Following each trail on the map will take you to different places, but here I strongly suggest that you try the one for getting up to the top mountain. Not only is the view along the trail pretty, but what is on the highest point of the mountain is also fantastic. Don't miss out! I took some beautiful pictures of the sight and they really look so picturesque.

trail 步道
sight 景點
picturesque 風景如畫的

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