April 12, 2006

New Links Available

Dear freinds,

Should you pay attention to the right column of this page, you will notice that several new links have been added here. That's right! These new links include a very useful Website, the English Forums, where learners like you and me are able to post questions regarding your problems in learning Englsih. Once a question is posted, some experienced teachers from all over the world will take notice of it and then join in your thread of the message soon. Accordingly, your question can be answered in less than an hour. You should not miss it out.

Should you = if you
column 縱列
Forums 論壇
post 刊登
regarding 有關
take notice of 注意
thread of the message 串聯訊息
Accordingly 最後

Furthermore, the other link goes to the which is also part of the features of and I just intended to seperate it from its frong page. Now try your guts chatting with other learners the world over and you will get addicted to it sooner or later.

Furthermore 再者
intended to 故意去...
frong page 首頁
try one's guts 試某人的膽量
chat 聊天
get addicted to 對...上癮
sooner or later 不久之後

Good luck and start checking them out right now.

check something out 看一下

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