April 15, 2006

If there is God...

God please don't make our kids suffer from our lousy education system any more. Don't you ever see tons of pressure having been placed on these young faces yet? Do something about it please, God... if you are there observing us.

suffer from... 受...之苦
lousy 糟糕的
tons of pressure 大量的壓力
observe 觀察

We wish them to learn wisdom of life, not the knowledge out of math and science. They are not supposed to be born to the world with the view to taking those crap while given education at shcools. We just simply want them to learn to share things with their peers, not to train how to fight their rivals as they grow up. We want them to realize that competition is not the only way for them to get ahead in their future but loving and helping each other is the best thing to do.

wisdom of life 生命的智慧
be supposed to 應該是
with the view to 為了
crap 垃圾
peers 同儕
rivals 對手
competition 競爭
get ahead 成功出頭

We all want our kids to live a happy life without having too much burden given to them. However, there always seems to be the murphy's law-- things always ended up at the ironic end. God, tell us what to do now. We have been tired of blaming our kids for their poor calculating skills on math problems. We have also been feeling guilty for nothing we can do for them. As the father of my just-first-grade-in-the-elementary son, I beg for your help. Amen*!

* Though I am not a Christian, I still believe that everone can for God's help.

burden 負擔
murphy's law 莫非定律(事情永遠朝自己不想得到的結果呈現)
end up 到頭來
blame 責備
calculating skills 計算能力
guilty 有罪的, 不好意思的
Amen 阿門


  1. Through this article, I find a father who are really considerate to his child and concerned about Taiwan education system puting too much pressure on him,unlike my perents who believe academic background is more important than any other thing.Thank you for your article,which make me really touched and think deeply on how to teach my children to be wise person rathe than utilitarian in the future.~may you have good day~
    from Eric. 另外請問一下"多元入學"英文怎麼說??

  2. Eric,
    Thanks for the mindset exchanging.
    I found the English term for 多元入學 on the Ministry of Education Website. It goes by the name of "a multi-channel school admission system".

  3. 請問"mindset" exchanging是什麼意思??

  4. mindset:someone's general attitude, and the way in which they think about things and make decisions

    exchange:the act of giving someone something and receiving something else from them

    If we have a mindset exchange, we share ideas on some issue.