August 23, 2005

Wedding preparations

Preparing for a wedding varies in different cultures. Since my brother tied the knot in Taiwan and I did it in the U.S., it's kind of fun to contrast our wedding preparations at this point.

To prepare for a wedding is not only a big deal but an enough trouble for the young couples. One thing for sure, we both didn't get married through arranged marriage which used to happen a lot in the past. However, having an arranged marriage has been a rare case to date.

As for proposing marriage to our better halves, frankly speaking, I was not that romantic to ask for my wife's hand in marriage, let alone pop the question. I guess thinking back to the moment everything just went fine. My brother just did it in an opposite way, though. He planned a fantastic scene in a luxury restaurant where he asked his girlfriend if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him. The outcome was of course incredible-- a shocked fiancee-to-be with ecstasy on her face couldn't believe what she'd just heard from his boyfriend's mouth. Come on...that's just the old hat. Never in a thousand years would I do that.

The parents of the groom and bride all approved of the fact that the wedding would be taken place with no dowry to give and no extravagant expenses spent in advance of the wedding. Therefore the most costly jobs would be the wedding photos and the banquet. He threw it at the Mall in Taipei, and mine just got hold in Cupertino, California, in a Chinese restaurant.

Though there weren't either bachelor party or bachelorette party hold before the wedding, I think our weddings are still the best memory in our minds.

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