August 26, 2005

PC vs. Mac

You might have run into the same situation like me before; that is, using Windows 3.0, 3.1, or 95--the system always crashed in the middle of night when you were working on an important file. Thus you got to start everything over which made you go panic but couldn't anything about it. At the same time, you often heard people saying how good the Apple computer was, with its fancy look and stable working environment. With the innovation of the new Windows operation system, I think now it is hard to say which guy is better than another.

In the old days, a single crashed file could cause the whole windows to halt till users reboot the computer, yet the Macintosh seemed to handle the problem much better-- it smartly shut down one program in question, so the users wouldn't have to worry about losing all the data. Now Windows XP has more or less overcome the problem. Take me for example, I have barely rebooted my computer for any serious sysem crashes since I installed the new version of Windows in my computer.

Another concern that people in Taiwan would rather choose PC than Mac is due to its high price. Frankly speaking, people can go to NOVA to pick up the parts they want for assembling a dreamboat PC on their own with only half of the price of buying a MAC. Mac is pricey anyway.

Both PC and MAC are gaining ground in the technological world, so it is almost impossible for Mac to put nail in the coffin of Windows or vice versa. Users just get either one of their choice, in any case. They do compare now.

run into 碰到
crash 電腦當機
go panic 發狂
halt 停止
reboot the computer 重新開機
shut down 關掉
pricey 昂貴的
gain ground 進步
(to) put nail in the coffin of sb/ st 致某人/某物 失敗
vice versa 反過來說
They do compare. 兩者可以比較

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