August 08, 2005

Night markets in Taiwan

One of the images most foreigners have of Taiwan must be the bustling night markets. Visitors can find them located left and right throughout the island. So many local delicacies can be found in any night market here-- Rou Geng (肉羹), Stinky Tofu, Lu Rou Fan (滷肉飯), Oh Ah Jian (蚵仔煎), Chua Bing/ Shaved ice (刨冰), and just to name a few. For those who would like to satisfy their oral craving, the night markets are the place they can't miss.

In a night market, visitors can not only shop for food but also the variety of merchandises such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and even the pirated goods if you are "in luck". You will see sometimes the things for sale are not priced, or there may be a price tag on it. But, that is only a asking price. You still can work thing out with the vendors if you really want to get it. You can haggle the price down to ten to twenty percent off the original price. In general, rounding it down to the nearest hundred is accepted by both sides. Just be warned if you are an outsider--you might be burned if some vendors want you to shell more bucks out.

So, when you pay a visit to the night market next time, don't forget to shop around before buying it, and always bargain with them. Have a good time.

bustling 喧鬧的
left and right 到處
local delicacies 本地美食
to satisfy their oral craving 解饞
pirated 盜版的
haggle the price down 殺價
in luck 走運
price tag 標價
asking price 原價
rounding it down to the nearest hundred 百位數後的零頭去掉
outsider 外來者
be burned 被騙
shell more bucks out 多花錢
shop around 貨比三家
bargain with 討價還價

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