August 18, 2005

Pimples and Acne

We all have the same nightmarish experience popping the pimples on our face. It is always a bummer when we get a few zits on our face before going out with friends. So, we usually end up watching TV at home because we dread people seeing us as a crater-face or pizza-face. Making matters worse, some girls try covering them up with make-up so that it makes things worse since the oil glands are blocked more seriously.

We should never underestimate the negative sway that pimples or acne can have on us. It may eventually lead to the psychological impact such as being self-conscious, introverted behavior, or a loss of self-confidence.

If you suffer from getting pimples all the time, you should consult a doctor who can give you the best advice on how to prevent pimples from happening again.

pimple 青春痘
acne 粉刺
nightmarish 惡夢的
pop 擠
bummer 掃興的事
dread + Ving 害怕
oil glands 油脂
underestimate 低估
negative sway 負面的影響
lead to 導致
psychological impact 心理衝擊
self-conscious 難為情
introverted behavior 內向行為
a loss of self-confidence 自信心喪失

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