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August 15, 2005

MSN + Yahoo Messenger

I don't even have the foggiest idea that MSN Messenger is different than windows Messenger. What? What am I talking about? I am saying, I've been always thinking that there is a MSN Messenger installed in my computer for long. But, actually it is not-- it is just the Windows Messenger instead of MSN Messenger. They look so alike by their icons, interfaces and so many other similar features. They share the same appearance just because they were all created by Microsoft.

In a way, I think Windows Messenger is just a simplified version of MSN Messenger. Frankly speaking, now that I have found MSN Messenger is so powerful a tool for online chat, that I just made up my mind that I will leave both Yahoo and MSN Messenger on all the time. If you want to join me in talking in English, don't forget to send me an invitation now. My MSN account is


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  2. These days I heard that podcast(ipodder)has been popular more and more.Did you have any idea about that ?

  3. I have a iPod too, but I have no idea of your concern. Later on I would like to write an article about Macintosh. I am still reading the relevant news now.

  4. I think you might misunderstand podcast(ipodder) because it's sth related broadcast by website.

  5. Holly cow. It beats me now.