August 16, 2005

Crazy two, three, four......

As I looked back to the old days living in the US, my manager ever told me that a kid in the age of two was really a handful. Now I would like to make a little revision on that-- Whatever age a kid is in, it is always a handful.

It is a real struggle to rear a child. After a baby was born, parents had to spend countless time taking care of it. Being such a caretaker is not a part-time job; it is a life-time commitment in stead. You always have to worry about your baby, as it may fall down any minute or try eating something it found on the ground. Whatsoever, you always keep an eye on it in order not to see him get hurt.

When it gets older, it is about time to tell him/ her what is right or wrong. In the meanwhile, you have to be a role model for your kid. If you out slip four-letter word when a driver cut you off on highway, you will find a copy cat in your backseat all of a sudden. Monkey see, Monkey do. The best way to instill morality is for a parent to set the right example.

Have you got the picture of it, future parents here?

looked back 回顧
a handful 淘氣難管之人
struggle 麻煩的事
rear 養育
life-time commitment 終生的承諾
role model 模範角色
out slip four-letter word 說出四字髒話
a driver cut one off 駕駛超某人的車
Monkey see, Monkey do. 有樣學樣
instill morality 灌輸道德感
set the right example 以身作則

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