Quotation of the Day

July 01, 2005


It's summer again! What does summer mean to you? If you are still at school, it may be a good time to let go. I know you have undergone a very busy and stressful school life. Some of you may have known which high school/ university you have been accepted into. In that case, I shall say congratulations on your accomplishment on the test. If you haven't, be patient and I think you will have a good place to go. Don't get down if you screwed up on the test. One failure doesn't mean you are out of the picture. There is always next chance waiting.

For office workers, I think you might not have much different choice for the reason that you don't have any summer vacation. Just get on with what you are doing now in your office. Do something that makes your boss stand up and take notice of; I think it is a good idea when you climb up the corporate ladder.

For the one who always brings home the bacon: your kid will grow up a little, which means the responsibility on you is getting more and heavy. How to increase your income has been a critical issue now--they all need your financial support to help them get a better education and life. This is not the moment to think what a miserable life you have got. Instead, you should thank God that he has give you everything you need. But you need to find where they are hiding. Am I making any sense?

The temperature out is going higher and higher. Have you decided what you have to do in this summer?

let go 放鬆
undergo 經歷
Don't get down. 不要灰心
screw up 搞砸
out of the picture 出局
makes one stand up and take notice of 引人注意
climb up the corporate ladder 在公司向上爬升
brings home the bacon 負擔家計的人
make any sense 有意義


  1. 'God helps those who help themselves'.
    Give that I was particularly devoted to my job half year.So,I'd like to reward myself with a 2-days leave .It’s important to find a way to beat the heat. However, it’s a peak season of tourism in summer break. How do I plan for the weekend holiday to not be influenced by stream of people?

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