Quotation of the Day

June 13, 2005

Tie the knot

Hi! My dear friends. How was your holidays? Did you eat a lot of dumplings? I bet you did. As for me, there was one thing more important than having them.

Eight years after I got married, my little brother finally tied the knot. The wedding and the banquet were both hold the same moment last Saturday. The former was taking place in the church-- he was baptized few years ago while at school. The bride, my sister in-law to-be, is his close friend in the church. Well, of course, now she is already one of my loved ones after she has got married with my young brother.

I think they are a perfect match. A handsome prince found the beautiful princess and lived for forever. The pretty princess finally fell into the prince's arms. Their fairy tale finally comes true. Their marriage must be the envy of the people around them, I guess, by looking at those envious look on their faces. My little boy was given the duty to be the bridal page during the wedding, though in the first place he was reluctant to be that. I tried to talk him into that honorable job by promising him of some toys if he took it. My pocket is gonna be hit again.
Well, the newlyweds now must be somewhere in Switzerland spending a wonderful honeymoon. I just wish them a happy marriage.

tie the knot 結婚
baptize 受洗
to-be 即將成為..
loved ones 家人
match 一對
talk some into Ving 說服某人去...
hit the pocket 荷包失血


  1. Hi Albert:
    I am Leo.I have a movie.DO you want to watch it?I guess you will be interesting.

  2. Do you remember you lent me one last time, but so far I haven't had time to watch that yet.

  3. Really?You are so busy.But,the movie storyline is about Christianity.