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July 04, 2005

Shitoushan Scenic Park

"Shitou" in chinese means "Lion's head". The park where I paid a visit months ago goes by the name of "Shitoushan scenic park". It was named after its location on top hill looking like a lion's head based on my personal assumption.

The place used to be an off-limit area for the public in the old days while the society on the island was still controlled under the Chiang's regime. People, with permit only, could be allowed to enter it during the practice of the martial law. Meanwhile it was also a significant military stronghold for guarding the northern coastal area of Taiwan.
Since it was open to the public, countless tourist have visited this beautiful place and made a wonderful impression on it. Since it was ever C.K.S.'s "personal" park, the sights and facilities in the park have been well preserved. Sitting in the pavilion, You can overlook the ocean with the best angle. A pair of rocks called "Twin Candlerocks" project from the water and match the park itself with perfection.

It is such a wonderful point of interest to visit. To get there, all you have to do is just drive to Jinshan country of Taipei county and then follow the sign along the road. You can't miss it anyway.

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