July 27, 2005

My old Canon Camera

Believe it or not, I am still using my old Canon Camera for taking photos. It has been nine years old since we got it from one of my wife's friends as a present for our wedding. In Chinese community in the U.S., the newlyweds sometimes receive a wonderful gift from their invited guest other than getting the red envelope when getting married. I still remember it was given from Jasmine, whose parents are running a photoshop in Shalu, TaiZhong. It was broken once by accident after we brought it back to Taiwan. Fortunately, we could find a replacement part here in Taipei.

Days ago I found that the batteries in it were dead so I needed to buy a pair of new ones for it. When I checked out at the cashier. The salesman asked why I still used the traditional camera instead of a digital one. Apparently he was intending to sense any feasibility from me that I might look for a new camera. I told him this camera was still running very well and the pictures taken with this baby were still perfect. That is why I am so reluctant to retire it. I may keep it for another year or two until I will find an better one-- probably a 3-or-more-in-1 combo that come with PDA, cellphone, camera, and such and such.


  1. this is a nice canon digital blog

  2. It is not, but I may get a smart phone in the near future with a build-in camera.