July 31, 2005

A boiling hot Sunday

The summer heat is killing everyone. Unwilling to pay the high electric bill if leaving the air condition on all day, I decided to get out of home and hit a place to cool off myself. Hmm... Hanging around at the underground shopping street at Taipei MRT main station wasn't a bad idea.

When we got there, we found a new shopping area that was just built and extended from the old ones. Compared to the existing shopping zones, the new one was meant to draw more high-class shoppers' attention. Me, a mediocre mid-class worker, is always excluded from their potential customer list. For me, picking up a Giodano's T-shirt is somewhat more meaningful than a name-brand garment in my mind.

Around four o'clock in the afternoon, the streets underground were being flooded by countless visitors. I didn't call them shoppers because I rarely saw many of them make a purchase there. They may be just like you and me: only to find shelter for the burning sunlight.

What do you folks do to avoid being melted?

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