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December 30, 2005

Year-end greetings

So little time and so much to do, sigh...! I checked my to-do list in Yahoo Calendar finding that I had got more than 20 things to do for the days to come. I think I have to make my new year's resolution into a long list.

A good news of mine is returning to Xin Zhu again, while I am not there for any cram school courses this time; I am going to teach somewhere at the science park, which is definitely a new challenge to me. The program will run about three months or so, and one biggest problem is whether I should drive down there by my own car or just take the public transportations.

The science park is actually just a jump from the highway ramp though, I wonder if there will be any highway bus stations over there. I am kind of reluctant to take my own set of wheels paying the toll for four times in all-- two for the south bound and the rest for the north bound. Hey ...listen up, I just wish to save up a little. Would you try and be in my shoes please? No offense guys.

The year of 2005 is going to fade. Aren't you craving to take part in the new year countdown tomorrow night? It's gonna be more exciting than last year if you've ever gone to the previous fireworks display at the Taipei 101. Whatever you will be doing at the year end, I just wish you all a happy new year!!

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