December 02, 2005

Son in father's eyes

Brian is six and half years old now and I still remember he was two when we moved back here from the States. He can't remember a thing about his life before two. When our friends found out that he was born overseas, they always thought that our son was able to use English well. Yet, he doesn't fit that stereotype of an ABC, America Born Chinese. Frankly, I don't even teach him any English words, not to mention him speaking to me in it.

Why not this way? That's the second question followed. Well, on the one hand, I am not in a hurry to do so at this point, because I have got the merit of being a teacher myself. On the other hand, I don't really want him to be under any pressure in learning, especially kids like his age don't even understand why they are at school now.

He should focus on learning his native language to begin with. That's the first thing first that I hope he can do well. To tell you something, when he handed me the first test result of the Bo-Po-Mo-Fo, the Mandarin Chinese phonetic symbols, I was so dumbstruck to see the score -- 69 only. He doesn't seem to know how much these test scores mean to him as he being in the first grade only. What can I say?

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