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December 09, 2005

Long time no see, Sir.

Guess what? I was running into an old acquaintance of mine on the street the evening before while returning to the cram school for the following night class.

We passed by each other in the first place. I caught his eye and felt like I must have seen this guy somewhere before. He might also have got the same feeling by the way he looked at me. We stood there for few seconds, and suddenly I realized that I was kind of knowing who he was-- someone I knew back to my life in the military. He was the Fu-Dao-Zhang, the officer in the army as a right-hand man for the company commander. It had been an entire fourteen years since I last saw him. Though we were not in the same company, sometimes we needed to meet each other for duties distribution for the division.

He told me he was still an officer but no longer served in army camp- he worked as a Jiao Guan in school, which meant he was in charge of students' security and activities on campus. He must regulate their behaviors to prevent them from getting off the track in their school lives. I told him how I had been doing these days and the school I taught was a jump from where we met. In any case, I feel so happy seeing him last night. That was exactly a coincidence.

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