May 22, 2005

An important notice.

What's going on, my dear friends? Here I have some important things to keep you posted. So just be all ears.

I recently found I really have hard time posting my work at this blog on a daily basis. So, I decided to go for some changes from now on, that is, I will have to shrink the number of the articles I usually write for here. A weekly one or two articles is a possible load for me now.

Again, I am so sorry about the inconvenience I have brought to you, but meanwhile I don't want to lose all my lovely readers like you who are always behind me and give me the best support. To give me a hand, I strongly suggest you post your stuff here and share your life experience with us. I do believe it is about time that you practiced your writing skill at this point. It pays to write your own articles here with the view to improving your ability in English writing. I can do it well, so can you.

Bruce's articles may be posted here once a week, depending on whether he will send me his stuff to me. We always look forward to digesting his distinguished piece of work.

Ok, then it's settled. Catch you later.

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