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May 08, 2005

Electric Flyswatter

Nothing can be simple as a flyswatter or flyswat. It is used to kill flies or other insects. It usually consists of a piece of plastic or wire mesh attached to a long handle. When using it, all we have to do is blow the object sharply with it. Thanks to the smart Taiwanese who gave the flyswat a different look plus innovated feature such as the metal wire replacing the old plastic one. Moreover, the wire is set up with the electric circuit, so it becomes a deadly weapon to kill bugs like mosquitoes. With the new flyswat in hand, no more slapping is needed to kill the annoying insects. The batteries in it are durable for a long time because it only requires a slight electric current out of the batteries to carry out the mission.
Believe it or not, a flyswat can even be a good gift for friends. Mr. Lee, one of my students from Korea, told me that he took along several of flyswatters when visiting his fellow people back in his country long ago. People who received the flyswatters from him as a gift were all impressed with its efficiency of killing mosquitoes. I suggested he sold it on Internet to Korean people and it may help him make a big fortune.

flyswatter 蒼蠅拍
consists of 包括
wire mesh 線網
attached to 黏合
blow the object sharply 重擊
Thanks to someone/ something 多虧了...
innovated 革新的
metal wire 金屬網
electric circuit 電路
deadly weapon 致命的武器
mosquitoes 蚊子
slapping 重拍
durable 耐久的
electric current 電流
carry out the mission 執行任務
believe it or not 不管信不信
efficiency 效率
make a big fortune 賺一大筆財富


  1. I wonder if the flyswatter workable in different latitude.
    It's supposed less mosquitoes in Korea.

  2. It should work fine...if masquitoes can be found there.