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December 29, 2004

Some changes in my class.

The G.V. has recently made some critical changes toward all of its basic and elementary courses. From now on, all Starter and Elementary-level courses are merged into one cluster. That is to say, students can just stick to one spot for all basic and elementary classes. They won't have trouble finding a class that has to go with their personal schedules.

Being a instructor of it, I had to be faced with some problems followed by the change. Students in the Book 2 class may have to stay with the ones who just newly start their lessons at G.V., because the class has been shifted to Starter-level base on the new class schedule.

On the other hand, the new change is good for those who can only find little to come to the G.V. to learn English. As far as the old students in my class are concerned, they need to put up with it for a while.

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