December 30, 2004

A meeting minute written by Bruce Lin

As I told you earlier that Bruce Lin is not only one of my close acquaitance but he also serves as a senior member as well as the consultant for one Toastmaster branch in Taipei. He usually writes meeting minute for his club on a regular basis. His writing skill has always been the envy of me, so I wish one day I could write as well as he. The following passage is his latest meeting minute done for his club. Please take your time reading it.

Still fresh from a wedding, and not quite honeymooned yet, Josephine giggled her way to open the last Sunrise meeting of 2004. Her pumpkin smile was ever-ripening, which seemed make our conference room impervious to cold weather, not to mention the disastrous tsunamis.

Toastmaster was Murphy. His wishes of 2005 are: making more money, traveling, and traveling with a new flame. Claire’s wishes are: learning more at work, improving English, and CFA, whatever that is. No doubt Claire will improve in English; we would come up with a perfect model if we could combine Claire’s inquisitiveness and EleaNore’s undauntedness. Claire is very careful in her grammar, so she improves; EleaNore does not care about her grammar, she, paradoxically, improves too.

If Claire is becoming Queen of Joke Master, then Jack is becoming King of Table Topic Master. Jack knows how to use the session to build up suspense, torturing few while pleasing most of us. You somehow wished he did not pick you, but fate had its way.

The speech session became a toast to President Josephine, who does not try hard to be a leader because she does not need to. I knew there would be lots of moving words coming from Annie and Anita, and I also knew that Jo would not get too sentimental – she is busying having fun with life that ‘tears’ is an unfamiliar word to her. Remember? She is THE best medicine.

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