December 25, 2004

How was your Christmas?

Most of you must have had a wonderful Christmas time, right?
I just came up with an idea; that is, tell us how you spent Christmas this year.
I think this is also a good chance for you to practice writing something in English. Come on! Just give it try. Let us share this wonderful moment with one another.


  1. oh~~yes
    I can enter it!!
    I went to church last night.
    Until 12:00am.
    I'm very tired.
    My eyes are like 加菲貓's.
    Very interesting,haha~~

  2. My Christmas Eve is very boring.
    I stay home watching TV program.
    because, it's raining outside.
    so, I can't go to anywhere.


  3. Poor me too. My class schedule was still filled to the capacity (be filled/full to the capacity 塞到滿)on those two days. So, today I am gonna (gonna=going to) take a short trip with my family. Take care guys.

  4. My husband thinks we can't have a christmas day because we are Taiwanese. We celebrate the Constitution Day. In the end, we still had a normal schedule,watching TV and accompanying my little son.

  5. This sunday we went to ShiMen Reservior in TaoYuan county. The last time I went there was about 24 years ago when I was in the elementary school. It was fun seeing many changes made over there. We took a ferry ride that sailed along the river so we could see the views of it. I strongly recommend you go there and check it out. The parking fee is 80 NT for a sedan and 100 NT for each ferry passenger. Child may be free if under 120 cm or so.