December 22, 2004


What's up, my friends?

我知道你已經迫不急待的想要刊登你的大作對嗎? Hey, take it easy. There's something you need to do before you can publish your writing.

First of all, 必須加入本站會員. 因為沒有經過此步驟, 你只能看別人的文章, 只能在別人的文章中留下評語, 而不能自己刊登文章. 而加入會員的步驟, 須經過站長(Me!!)寄發邀請信才行.
如果你沒收到我的會員邀請信, 請直接寫email給我好嗎? I am such a forgetful person most of the time. Please forgive me if you haven't got my invitation email yet. So, why don't you just remind me of it by sending me an email?

For more details. please refer to the previous article below.
關於加入會員的細節部分, 請參考以下的文章(通知信).

Albert Chang


  1. I am Jay

    Can i become one of the Blogger's members

  2. sure. I will send you a follow-up email.

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