May 01, 2006

Talk about hybrid cars,...

A Japanese hybrid car has been introduced to the local automobile market these days. It may have drawn a lot of buyers' attention; however, due to its high price--say something around 1.05 million NT dollars-- whreas in the US it's only priced in half, what it means to the average Joe and Jane is a "dreamboat" only. What is the appeal of a hybrid car? Please see the following intro.

hybrid 油電混合車
be introduced 被引進, 介紹
automobile 汽車
draw one's attention 吸引...的注意
whereas 相反地
the average Joe and Jane 普通大眾
dreamboat 夢想之事物
appeal 吸引人之處
intro= introduction

There are two engines in it, an electric engine and a gasoline one, which are both used in unison. People who drive a hybrid car need no worries if it has a reduction in speed or acceleration, even though its gasoline engine is designed smaller than the conventional ones. Instead, when starting the car, the electric engine provides extra thrust for acceleration. After the hybrid car hits on the road, the gasoline engine kicks in so you can go as fast as fast you can, not to worry people cutting you off.

engine 引擎
electric 電力的
gasoline 汽油
in unison 一致地
reduction 減少
acceleration 加速
conventional 傳統的
provide 提供
extra 額外的
thrust 推進力, 爆發力
kick in 啟動
cutting someone off 開車時擋在某人前面

Don't forget why a hybrid car is made. Just because of its light weight, it can save lots of fuel as driven on the road. Insight, made by Honda, is reported to get up to 70 miles per gallon, that equals 28 liters per kilometers. Holy Cow!! I think the other hybrid, Prius, which is the Toyota's make may have the similar performance in preserving gas.

weight 重量
fuel 燃料

Insight 本田的混合車名
reporte 報導
mile 英里
per gallon 每加侖
equal 等於
liter 公升
kilometer 公里
Holy Cow 天啊
Prius 豐田的混合車名
performance 表現
preserve 保存

What's more. The hybrid car not only save our money on purchasing gasoline, it also helps pollute less and gets better mileage.

purchase 購買
pollute 污染
less 較少的
mileage 里程數


  1. I think DDP government should subsidize the buyers of hybrid car. And then, there will be more and more buyers in Taiwan.

  2. Besides, the import tax for hybrid cars should be cut down.