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May 14, 2006

How to prepare for "Short Readings" of TOEIC

Short readings is the longest and the last part of TOEIC. Lots of people may feel tired already while working on it. Your endurance will determine the score you will get. There are three kinds of questions appearing in this part: overview questions, detail questions, and inference questions. Here I want show you how to do a better job on them.
短文閱讀是多益測驗最長也是最後的一個部分.當做到這個部分的時候,許多人已經覺得累了.此時你的耐力將會決定你的成績好壞. 此部分有三種問題:整體性的問題,細節問題及推論問題. 以下是有關如何做好此部分練習的要訣.

  1. Look at the passage at a steady pace of yours to get a basic idea of what it is about.
  2. Read the questions only, not the answer choices this time, of the passage. Try your best to know these questions by heart as you read them.
    接下來只要讀此篇文章的所有問題. 先不要讀每一題的答案部分, 盡量記住問題在問些什麼.
  3. Now you should look for any question which is a “overview” question. You may be able to answer it since you have got an overall idea of the passage.
  4. Get back to the passage and start reading them again. Read the first two sentences first and then you have to ensure that if they refer to the question you are working on. If you can find the answer, fine. But, if you can't, keep reading the following two sentences until you find the answer that matches the question.
  5. If you are unsure about the answer, you must guess at it and go on to the next question or passage. Spending too much time on one question won't do anything good to you. Come back to these unsure items later if you have time.

    Overview questions
    What does the article mainly discuss?
    What is the purpose of this announcement?
    Why was this memo written?
    What is the best title for the article?
    Where was this ad probably published?
    What does the report concern?

    Detail and inference questions
    which of the following can be inferred from the article?
    What number would one call to speak to someone in room 921?
    For which of the following purchase is this form NOT required?
    What information does the chart provide about Downtown?

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