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May 10, 2006

A quick announcement

This message is sent to my ELTS's students of the Interchange 3 class at Shi Lin school. The mail recipients for this message include Annie,Angela, Emily, Dave, Randy, Alice, Cayko, and some people who I can't recall their names. If you are not one of them, then you may please ignore this message.

message 訊息
recipient 收信人
recall 記得
ignore 忽略

As you may know, there are some differences made in our class schedule. We still meet on every Tuesday evening at seven but the contents for the class have been slightly changed. That is, after following every two units in the textbook, we will have to do some extracurricular activities in our class. The school authority offered me no limitation to whatever I want to teach. Therefore, I've decided on giving everyone more chances to speak and practice your presentation skills. On the following Tuesday, everyone who attends the class will be asked to make a short speech in class. The topic is up to you, butwe have come to a conclusion last night about what you have to say next time-- you are going to show us something you are good at. In other words, you will make a presentation about your field of expertise. For example, Dave is an experienced lifeguard so he may tell us how to be a good swimmer or how to prevent ourselves from drowned while swimming.

slightly 輕微地
extracurricular activities 課外活動
school authority 校方
offere 提供
limitation 限制
presentation skills 簡報技巧
attend 參加
up to someone 由某人自己決定
come to a conclusion 得到結論
field of expertise 專業領域
lifeguard 救生員
drown 淹死

Doesn't that sound exciting to you? I am so looking forward to see howe eryone will be working in our class and I believe you also anticipate doing a great job then. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

be looking forward to + Ving/ Noun 期待去...
anticipate Ving 期盼做...
at one's convenience 在某人方便之時候

Albert Chang

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