May 07, 2006

A message board founded here

I just added a message board in the right column of this page. People may ask me how I did it. Well since I am not a cyber-geek who can do programming myself, in fact there is no trick doing this-- I just found a Web site that provided such feature for me . Then I copied some HTML codes from there for building this board and eventualy I pasted it on my blog and that's it!! I guess it is pretty easy to get it done.

message board 留言板
column 欄位
since 因為
cyber-geek 網路癡狂者
programming 電腦程式設計
in fact 事實上
trick 把戲
found 建立 (found founded founded)
find 發現 (find found found)
feature 功能
HTML codes 網路標記語言碼
eventualy 最後
paste 貼上

You know I used to put a message board here a while ago but it seemed no so many people take notice of it. This time I expect my friends like you to leave some messages here to let me know you have known it. Would you please do this favor for me? Thanks.

used to 曾經
take notice of 注意
do a favor for someone 幫忙

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  1. are a chinese??/ can we be friend??? i am chinese gril.i want to know how to put a Message Board in my blog? add me ok??