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March 02, 2006

Total Chaos

As usaul, I stepped into the entrance lobby of the school last night and got myself ready for the upcoming class. However, I sensed that there seemed to be something different more or less. I couldn't tell what it was but the air frozen in the room made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

The receptionist turned to me and started speaking in a surpsrising tone. She asked me why I was here becasue a new teacher would substitute for me for the class that I "used to" teach. Suddenly I felt like falling into a total confusion. Would I be no more the teacher for this class? Why hadn't anyone ever informed me of it? Standing next to her must be the new teacher who appeared to have a troubled look herself too. Well, things must have turned out in a embarrasing way now.

In no time, the receptionist picked up the phone and dialed the office where someone could help work this out. Few minutes later, she got off it and said to us in a smoother way. She explained to me that the new teacher would replace me from now on and my new class shcedule wouldn't take effect until next Wednesday. I was pretty sure about my new class schedule for next week, but no one ever kept me posted on the fact that I didn't have to teach the current class tonight-- for the last time... I supposed.

What became of me was that I had to take the MRT and train home. That was kind of fun when I became jobless for two hours last night. Anny, Stoney, Agnes, Daniel, Erica, John, and some other faces who I couldn't remember. Sorry about that folks, it was a total mix-up. I wish to catch you later if possible.

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  1. Dear Teacher:

    U also have us in UMC!!